Tired of Cheesy Christian Children's Books?

Tired of Cheesy Christian Children's Books?

Every Sunday at church, my toddler would cry when we would drop him off at his class. He was just transitioning from the church nursery to his toddler class, and crying week after week. (Being a former preschool teacher, I know how helpful books can be, especially during a transition!)

I scoured the internet for books about kids going to church, animals going to church, ANYTHING going to church-and found nothing! I actually shed a tear or two at a bookstore one night when looking at the Christian Children’s Book section. That section was far away from the other kid’s books, in its own little corner with just a handful of Bibles. It was sad. It was frustrating!

That’s when I decided to write a book for my son, Milo, about dinosaurs going to church. I made it simple and repetitious, making sure to have Baby Dino complete each step of our Sunday routine. In “Baby Dino Goes to Church”, we see Baby Dino getting ready, eating breakfast, seeing friends, singing songs, coloring pictures, and learning about God!

I wrote this story on the notes page of my phone and I would read it aloud to my 2-year-old son every night. He, of course, then proceeded to ask me to read it over and over, until he MEMORIZED IT!

That following Sunday, he walked into his toddler class at church saying, “I’m going to read Bible stories just like Baby Dino!”-I kid you not. I couldn’t believe it. Every week since, he has had an absolute BLAST with zero tears at church. He still quotes the story all the time (“I’m going to sing songs to God at church!” etc..) and has enmeshed the message of the book into his daily life.

When one night Milo asked if we could get “Baby Dino Goes to Church” at our library, I knew I had to have it illustrated for him. So I did.

I have been creating Christian kid’s books for him ever since. Every few months, I’m releasing new books and my boy is excited to learn about God.

I created what I couldn’t find. Relatable, fun, simple, everyday stories that reveal the love of God to kids. A bulldozer who prays, a family of dinosaurs going to church- because it’s not enough to write beautiful, poetic words for parents to ooh and ahh over. Flowery imagery, no matter how true or extravagant, is not what my toddler understands. He doesn’t gravitate towards it. The message is out of his reach.

Trucks, Dinosaurs, better yet- MONSTER trucks? NOW he’s all ears.

If you too have been saddened or frustrated in a bookstore with the lack of relatable Christian content for your kids, you are not alone. Let’s expand the Christian Children’s Book section and make kids excited about all the FUN to be had over there!

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